A-21288-59213 11/04/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21288-59213 11/04/2021 APPROVED

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what is your region?

Congratulations … So November started …

November started, congrats

November started, wow congratulations

My priority date is Nov 02nd but still pending

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mine is 28th OCT …still waiting

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Great! Congratulations! Nov Start

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Left out Oct casesgives me really sad feeling :frowning: I hope those remaining cases get approved soon. Wish you all best luck


28th October, Still waiting. No updates.

Is it real or fake entry? I have not seen any other nov approval in any group. Nov 09 waiting

As per dol website update they seem to have processed 237 nov cases (as of 4/30)

Plz give me the wabsite address of dol

Flag.dol.gov/processing times

Oct 26 still waiting, anyone got any update?

Oct 27 still waiting

What normally happens to leftover cases? Hope Oct leftover cases hear news soon … this wait is torturing

Oct 26, got an e-mail from employer this morning that PERM is certified, I supposed it was yesterday May 6 Friday. Thanks all and good luck to everyone. Oct is finishing


That is not correct. You are looking at the PWD. PERM information is below the PWD

Mine is OCT 24 still pending

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