A-21299-63252 10/26/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21299-63252 10/26/2021 APPROVED

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Hey, what was your region ?

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Not sure what is region in this context … I believe if 6+ months from the date of receipt notice (email from DOL on PERM) is when you can expect approval. +/- 5 - 6 days. Good luck.

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Friendly advice: If your date of birth is registered late even though you have date of birth certificate USCIS may ask for affidavits supporting the facts that it was late registration. So get those done from your parent/relative/friends senior enough by 10 years than you and have it ready. Date of birth certificates / Affidavits alternative to DOB - is a heavy item for next steps. Save time and be ready good luck.

If any parent/relative/friend is giving affidavit from India it should be on STAMP PAPER there… 100/Rs. etc… If parent/relative/friend is in the USA just notarized copy is good. Point confirmed by LAW FIRM>

for which step birth certificate needed?

EAD also called I485 or Adjustment of Status so you transition from H1B to Employment Based green card status.