A-21342-83645 012/16/2021 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21342-83645 02/16/2022 APPROVED

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Goo Morning! Is it a PERM or PWD?

Seriously is it for PERM?

Draft date December 2021


Thabks for correcting. How did you find out ?

What is Draft day to applied date difference

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looking at the number provided the draft date was day 342 of 2021 → December 8, 2021 and PD looks like 16Feb2022.

Looks like Dec21 filing. Admin pls check

Mine is approved today


what was the date of PERM filing? A#?

what was the date of your PERM filing?

My perm filing date was Jan 10 2022 and approved on Aug 29th 2022

is i140 premium filing happening ? Or did USCIS paused it ?

Is it PERM or PWD?………….

yes . my i 140 is approved with in 6 days

I140 filed in premium?

When did you file the application ? Was it the month of June 2022 ??

Is it PERM or for PWD ?