A-21349-86769 12/20/2021 PENDING User Comments PERMTracker

A-21349-86769 12/20/2021 PENDING

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is this approved on Jul 22 ?

NO. Im still waiting for their decisions.

wait you still don’t know what the decision is?

So this is a false update?

If u are still waiting for decision, then please delete this…

There was a record of an approval for 12/17/2021. Is it deleted?

Is there any approval for 12/17/2021?

The processing times are much longer now, is this intentional so that backlog at the other end (USCIS) could be reduced?

There was one last week. But it’s deleted. Not sure why.

The DOL webpage shows that Jan 2022 have already started as on June 30, 2022. It says 2817 determinations issued. Am I reading it correctly?

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That’s prevailing wage determination issued. For the Perm they don’t provide count just month of processing details.

We have moved this case back to ‘pending’ as @5keiko22 confirmed that they have not got the approval yet.