A-21350-87161 01/28/2022 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-21350-87161 01/28/2022 APPROVED

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Please confirm this is legit. If this is, then its a good sign.

Please confirm, if it is really true

Looks like fake , please confirm

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Please confirm if this is true? Mine is filed on 31 Jan 2022

case number looks correct. if approved then its a good sign.

I don’t see any early Jan approvals yet. Is this legit? Pls confirm. I’m Feb8tb

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In dol website itself it says they processed half of Jan and started Feb cases as of 07/31/2022, am I missing something ?. Why people calling this as fake? :thinking:

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That’s DOL not the perm process. for perm you need to look at the analyst review which is still Dec 2021


Agree with Sam. DOL is still reviewing Dec cases as on 07/31/2022
Processing Queue Priority Date
Analyst Review December 2021

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By looking at the perm case number, it refers to 2021, I think it is filed in December. May be the person was informed in January. 2022 cases looks like this A-22***-****. This is just my observation. Don’t take it wrong if i am not right.

looking at PERM number it seems right, my PERM number is A-21335-79876 and was filled on Jan-10-22.


Are PERM numbers released sequentially? E.g. if a person receives A-21335-79876, the next one to apply will receive A-21335-79877

was yours approved? Curious because the posted thread was filed Jan 28th

I think they are sequential.

mine is not approved, still waiting

Your number first two digits are 21. That means year is 21

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I’m assuming the number gets assigned once the attorney starts the application but the submission date could be a later date. It’s the date when the attorney actually “submits” it.
I could be wrong. I’m interpreting it basing on my attorney emails.

May be they drafted on Nov or Dec 2021 and submitted on January 28th 2022 so it starts with A-21

@Rexo Exo - Could you please confirm that PERM dates are correct and it got approved?