A-21350-87161 01/28/2022 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

Mine starts with A-21 and my application got filed on Jan 06.

I think your case can get approved anytime soon.

I don’t think it is based on draft date . Mine starts with A-21326 that means draft date is 22-Nov-2021 and got filed on 25th Jan 2022. No decision yet. Looks random pickup.

Mine was filed in the first week of Jan but note yet approved. If this is is really approved it’s really a good sign.

Don’t overlook with this trend, as this site predicts based on the user’s registered and the perm status updated by registered user real or fake. When compare to DOL site per month applications, less than 5% applications registered in this site which will not be accurate to predict.

Just stick with DOL analyst review timeline avg processing days and minus 15-20 days with your priority date(since DOL reports average calendar days and it varies based on employer and documents filed by employer) then start following up with your attorney if approved or not.

Good luck everyone.


Hi @narender_maheshuni

Thanks for sharing your opinion.
You are right that the app shares the estimations based on the data entered by the users.

But it is also true that the app also has lot of AI rules to weed out the fake records.
If there is any record that still makes it to the list even after heavy filtration, our team removes the record manually to try and show the real picture to our valuable members.


@Contact Am22tech Is this real or fake update?

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You are looking at PWD and not perm

We cannot say if this is real or fake at this time.

There are couple of more January approvals that other people have shared.
Also, it seems that this case was started in Dec 2021 (based on the receipt number) but could have been submitted in Jan 2022.

This is a possibility and hence, this case was not removed by the app automatically.
Otherwise, app removes the suspicious cases automatically.

You will not believe that users add thousands of cases everyday but app only shows the most relevant and most reliable cases on the tracker page. Everything else that looks suspicious is filtered automatically.


Have you seen any approval for 30th Dec (PERM Certification)? I am still waiting for mine.

Mine is still pending from 15th December

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Mine is still pending - Dec 30, 2021 filed date. Not sure what is DOL doing, 60% of Jan applications have been processed, but still like to keep few from December around. Shrug

How do you know that 60% of Jan applications have been processed?

What does PERM box tells u then? 8605 out of 13517 issued…

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Check the DOL processing times web page - they post how many are received and how many are processed from a given month.

December 2021

total - 11,746

Processed - 11,589

January 2022

total – 13,517

processed – 8,605

This is the PWD stage, not PERM.

May i please know what is DOL stage?

That’s the PWD data not PERM

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A-21 refers to the drafting date. Submission could be later date.

on DOL website, under the PWD title, there is a table that shows all the PERM data and it shows 8605 January cases are processed. Then there is another PERM section that says December 2021 is the priority date. Which one is correct?