A-21355-89207 09/10/2022 PENDING User Comments PERMTracker

A-21355-89207 09/10/2022 PENDING

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Hi Amit, I filed my PERM application (form 9089) on Sep 2022 which is 5 months now. Please keep me in loop and update me if your’s is approved. I will also update you regarding my status. Thank you

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me too filed on sep-2022 … update me as well guys if any of you get approval

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Sure I will update you if mine got approved. Please update me too. Thanks

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hello, please share update with me as well if possible. I filed in Sep 2022.

Hi Bhaskar…any update on Perm ?

Me too submitted on Sep 2022

Not approved yet still waiting. Based on what I heard they are doing end of June now. But it’s not in right order they are approving.

Anyone’s approved for Sept 2022 filed cases? I am still waiting on update

Where did you hear that they were doing end of June?

There is an app called telegram. I got this update from there.