A-22027-03517 01/27/2022 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-22027-03517 01/27/2022 APPROVED

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is it really approved ?

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As per DOL they are still processing Dec cases. Is this true ? and also was this approved on 17th July ?

Is that really correct?

I am lost with these statuses. PERM from Jan 27 is approved and Dec 15th cases are still pending… What on earth is happening

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As per DOL, I see a lot of cases approved for Jan and Started for Feb. Is this the valid link for reference? Processing Times | Flag.dol.gov

@vinom- are you referring to Determinations? If yes, then I believe that is PWD, not PERM. Some PWD for Feb have been issued.

Hey all looks like Dec Perms are still being processed. My perm was approved on Monday (it was filed on 20 Dec 2021). This might be a PWD.

Which region was your case?

This is fake, the A number is also incorrect

We are marking this record ‘pending’ as this does not seem like a correct update. Thanks for your patience.