A-22078-77664 03/22/2022 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-22078-77664 03/22/2022 APPROVED

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Is it real?, PERM approved in 4 months?

Wow… thats awesome… but still unbeliveable😊

Is it Perm ? Dec PD People are still waiting for approval ? How come March ?

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Please reply. Is this typo ?

This is the New record!

I am 8th Feb! pls confirm if this isn’t any typo

Congrats. hope this is true and assuming DOL started faster processing ?

I dont think its true. In the DOL site it says they have approved for Dec and started for January.

Mine was filed on Jan 10th and still waiting - This is an incorrect post based on my knowledge

Dear admin, Kindly review this post. User is not responding back. It is not legit.

This record seems suspicious. We are going to remove it.