A-22081-28983 03/28/2022 APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

A-22081-28983 03/28/2022 APPROVED

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PERM approval in 4 months ?? Is that correct?

Don’t believe too much in what’s posted here. Always follow the official website Processing Times | Flag.dol.gov

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@am22tech support , folks are loosing trust on the system here due to such posts. All your dashboards are getting skewed timelines with such outliers , can you please create some checks in place to correct this. Atleast based on Flag portal dates you should update your pages rather than user input.

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Hi @Sanketh_Suresh

Thanks for your feedback.

Our system does have a lot of rules that filter out the bad cases.
It seems this one may be a genuine case based on the receipt number.

We will flag this case and remove it from the list.

Thanks once again for highlighting. We appreciate it.