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Hi Anil,

i have recently(02/01) transferred my H1b from employer A to B and i have joined with employer B with receipt notice.Now I got good offer and benefits from another employer C. is it possible to do the H1B visa transfer(premium processing) to employer C based on employer A approval notice. Employer B transfer status is still in pending.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Mr Anil,

I have changed my job from employer A to B on 15th December 2017 on H1 B transfer and again i have changed my job from B to C on 10th Feb 2019.
My employer A have not paid me from 1st November 2017 to 14th December 2017 (for 45 days) due to this my W 2 is lesser than my LCA mentioned annual salary.
Now i am planning to go for stamping to india will it be any issue? this is my first H1 B stamping
Thank you in advance