AC21 portatbilty when Priority Date current in visa bulletin


My priority date is March 2012 in the EB3 category. This date is now current in the Final Action chart for the July 2021 visa bulletin. I am planning to relocate to a different city soon but continue working for the same employer. I had planned to use the AC21 portability to maintain my green card application for the move. However, now that the PD is current, should I still continue with my relocation plans? How long should I expect to wait for the medical RFE ? Looking for some guidance on deciding if it’s still a good idea to move before the green card or should I wait it out. Thanks!

If possible to delay the relocation, you should defer it till you get your GC. However if you have to move, make sure you file AR11 immediately after relocating so USCIS has the most updated address for any further communications re: your immigration.

One of my colleague whose PD got current this month just received his medical RFE couple of days back however he has not received his biometrics appointment yet and in the medical RFE USCIS is asking for a proof for his biometric too :slight_smile: While there is another colleague of mine who filed in November last year under EB1C and got his PD current back in April this year has not received his medical RFE yet despite his biometrics done in March.

So in reality it is difficult to guess when people will get medical RFE before or after their PD gets current.

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