Acceptance rate of NSW 190 nomination application


I recently got NSW invite for ICT Business Analyst with 75 points (w/o SS) and perfect PTE score. In response to the invite, I submitted the 190 application yesterday by uploading all the relevant documents that substantiate the points related claims made in my EOI.

In the immitracker portal, I can see that VIC has been rejecting many ICT BA profiles at this stage, but I couldn’t gather any data about NSW (seems there have been no rejections once invited, something I feel has to be taken with a pinch of salt - probably people are not updating the immitracker database once their applications are rejected).

Was curious to know if anyone has any idea about NSW rejecting “genuine” applications once invited.


NSW has much better acceptance rate once they invite a candidate than VIC.

Victoria is notorious for rejecting hell lot. Of applications after sending invites and that too after wasting couple of months.

I have not heard of any NSW rejections once they invite if all your points claim are correct and you can prove them.

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