ACS Applicaiton - Does RPL needed for non Computer engineering students or professionals? who works in software?

I have my BE degree in EEE and I have 12+ years off experience in software,but when I submit the document to ACS.

I heard that I need to submit RPL (ACS RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING) document as well ?
Is this a mandatory documents ,do you have any links explaining about this document and its needs or its importance anywhere?

Thanks for your time.


RPL is not required is you have work experience letters from your employers.

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for your instant reply.

Also would be great, if you can help me to get answers for few other question.

I have worked for four companies. And among them I have experience letter for two companies(the letter pad format that acs expects ) for the other two I have got the reference letter from my colleagues and I got the notary seal as well.

Is that fine?

Also should I need to submit payslip from all the company that I worked for to acs?

Kindly advise.

Payslips are not required for ACS assessment.

You can submit official work employer letters (more reliable) or co-worker letters (less reliable) as you wish.

Note that ACS can call your co-worker to verify the claims.

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs.

As I’m in the verge of applying acs, here is the consolidated documents that I have to submit it to acs.

Request you to validate the same once.

  1. college mark sheets and transcripts

  2. all company experience letter and relieving letters

  3. Either company reference letter or colleague reference letter

Apart from these should I need to submit offer letters from all my company as you have confirmed already that I no need to submit payslips and RPL documents.

Kindly advise.

You can only submit total of 8 documents in one ACS application.

So, submit only that’s important and required as given in my article about ACS assessment.

Hello nkarthi1983,

My name is Avinash. I am planning to submit my documents to ACS soon enough. I hold a BE degree in Mechanical, and have an experience of 12.5 years in IT. Hence, my question - do I need to submit RPL? I think you were in the same situation at the time you raised your question here. Were you asked to write a RPL report? I hope your assessment went positive.
Kindly do let me know.

Many thanks,
Avinash Shenoy

Hi Avinash,

Yes,as I was EEE I didn’t submit any RPL.
Even if you submit the application without this and for them to process your application with RPL, they will come back to you and give enough time to prepare the document.
So, i believe you can go ahead and submit.