ACS Assessment - 2yrs Deduction

Hello Folks,

Im a rookie here, need your assistance.
Im working with Infosys India as a regular employee since Feb 2014 - till date
(through-out work experience with one company).

Currently working as a Technology Analyst
Studied - BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications) - 3yrs - regular
MCA (Masters in Computer Applications)- 2yrs - regular
And have completed few Microsoft Azure Technology certifications (all info attached with my ACS application).

*I have no gap in my studies or work.
*I have attached a roles and responsibilities letter provided to me by HR dept on the
Infosys letterhead.

*My ANZSCO code : 261313 Software Engineer.

Do you think ACS will deduct 2yrs in my assessment application?

This should help:

Thank you Anil, really appreciate it.

I filed my ACS assessment on June 15, waiting for result.
Please do throw some light about code 261313 after changes from July 2020.
My state of focus is NSW.