ACS assessment and RPL report

Hi Anil,

I have done my Chemical Engineer and presently working as Business development manager (sales) in oil and gas sector with 18 years of experience.

1.As my experience is not related to technical,i will not be able to do CDR and trying to write RPL report for assessing through ACS under ANZSCO code : 261111(Business Analyst). Is this anzsco code correct for me ?

  1. Also I don’t have ICT experience at all, so how many maximum years will be deducted.
  2. When applying online for ACS assessment, which tab I need to select for applying ?Is it “Recognition of prior learning” tab.

Please advice on these points.



If your work experience and education does not match the selected ANZSCO code, then 6 years should be deducted.

Thanks Anil. Can you please also let me know the following

  1. Is the deduction is from the total work experience 18 years or from the experience which i am presenting ( i am presenting documentary proof of my experience with my present company as 10 years).

  2. Any minimum no.of years after deduction is required for positive skill assessment?

Hi Anil,

Hope your doing good. i am trying to apply for ACS assessment through RPL, however i am not able to get the reference letter from my previous employer or any of the colleague who worked with me in my previous company as i am not in touch with anyone, please let me know the following :

  1. Is it ok if i only submit only the reference letter of present employer?
  2. Is it necessary that reference letter from colleague or manager needs to be notarized by lawyer or any relevant government agency ? Is its fine if the reference letter can be written on a plain paper and under witnessed signed by other 2 colleagues?

Please guide me.



The simple answer is that if you do not submit the reference letter, ACS will not count that time at all.

The letter should be notarized.