ACS assessment for electrical and electronics engineering

Hi Anil,

My employer agreed to apply 186 under ENS. Before that I need to get my assessment done.

Graduation- Electrical and electronics engineering

Experience: applying for system analyst

Overall exp - 5 year

2 years in India , 3 yeas in Australia

Will I get assessment . I do have 5 years as a system analyst

Please reply and can you help me with agent details I will lodge my assessment with them.


Hi @Sai3

Thanks Anil for your response.

Hi Anil,

I want to talk to you, how can I reach you.
Please reply it’s bit urgent for me.

Thanks in advance.

Sridivya M

Hi @Sai3

Please contact if you want paid private consultation. Someone will contact you.

Hi Anil,

As I discussed before I have launched my skills assessment on Friday(07-02-2020) . Immediately next working day it changed to with Assessor.
Can you please confirm when can I expect my result if you have any idea.

Also, here are my details:
Btech( Electrical and Electronics engineering)

Emp1: nov 30 2013 to sep 30 2014
Emo 2: oct 01 2014 to dec 4 2015
Emp 3: Jan 9 2017 to still working

Applied for 261112 systems analyst.

Any idea how many years I can expect on my result report.

As I said this assessment is for Direct entry under 186 (ENS) I need to get positive assessment.

Please confirm.


Hi @Sai3

I cannot count number of years for you. It is taking 4-6 weeks to get ACS assessment result these days.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for reply. Is RPL required for btech electrical and Electronics engineering ACS skills assessment.

Please reply.


Hi @Sai3

I am not sure if RPL is required for your case or not.

Hi Anil,

It s not in my case Generally for Btech - EEE I’m checking.