ACS Assessment - No Pay slips for India employment as company acquired by other company

Hi Anil,

Can you please help me with my below question.

I started my career with Company A in India and it was acquired by Company B and i came to USA through Company B and Company B was acquired by Company C and I’m working with Company C now. Technically, I’m employed with the same organization but names have changed over the period of time.

i have all the required tax documents- W2’s or Pay slips for my employment in USA with Company B and Company C.
I can get a HR letter from my Current company C which confirms my employment with Company A and Company B which were acquired by Company C.

I dont have pay slips from Company A in India and my bank account is closed in India. i dont have any IT returns in India as i was not in tax brackets to file for IT returns back then.

What are the options for me to prove my employment in India.


You can submit form 16 and bank statements.