Acs assessment - Payment evidence missing for few companies

Hi Anil,
I am applying for acs assessment. My husband is the primary applicant. My overall experience is 7.5+ Years and i worked in a total of 4 companies.

The last company has the max experience that is 5.5 years. The remaining 3 companies contributes to nearly 2+ years. I have the payment evidence of the last company only which has the maximum experience and unable to find enough proofs for the first 3 companies.

Please suggest me should i include the first 3 companies while applying for assessment of just go with the last company only as being the spouse, i need to have positive skill assessment only. Kindly suggest.

Hi @Nze

As a spouse, you can just submit your current/last company salary proof. You just need the positive assessment and have no requirement that calls for a minimum number of work experience.

Hello Anil,
I am missing few payslips and bank statement just say Salary, company name is not mentioned, will they consider it ?
Has 2 proof became compulsory ?

I am planning to write on the first page of the file as in what documents are attached and what all I have , is it ok to do that ?
Please advice.


Hi @shoib19

Payment proof is mandatory and company name on salary slip and bank statements is required.

ACS is rejecting applications without enough information.

There is no need of cover letter.