ACS assessment Report changed from Finalised to With Assessor

Hi Anil,

I got my ACS Assesment Report on Dec 10th 2019 and it was positive and they have not considered my experience from one company which is of 1 yr 4 months of experience due to which i would fall under 3-5 year category and will be claiming only 5 points i am falling short of 4-5 months from 5 years.

I have replied to the same email to the Case Officer stating that i have arranged all the documents as per ACS guidelines please re-consider this experience as well and the reply i got is this

Dear ********,

Thank you for your email.
I have received your inquiry and have referred this back to the assessor for clarification.
I will respond to your email once I receive notification from the assessor in relation to this.

Now my question is on ACS website on applicant Dashboard my status has changed from Finalised to with assessor …is there any chance of getting revised ACS report with my clarification ??
If not can i apply EOI with the First ACS assessment report??


Hi @yughan_raghav

It looks like ACS is indeed taking a re-look at your application with new documents.

You can apply EOI with current report and then update it later if the report is modified.

Thanks Anil…

Today I have got a reply from ACS stating that they have issued me a revised ACS assessment Report in which they have considered my full employment and now i claim whole 10 points !!!

Such a relief…

Thanks for your prompt response

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Hi Raghav,

what is your education?

Actually mine is BTECH in electronics and communication and i am software engineer by profession. ACS deduct 4 years from my experience because of my education. does it happen for you as well.
@Anil.Gupta, please provide your opinion.


Yes Saurabh

If you are from computer science Background on total employment experience they would deduct 2 years i.e total employment experience lets say 6 years -2 years eligibility for points is 4 years
and for non computer science background they would deduct whole 4 years !!!

in that case your eligibility is only 2 years

Hope this explanation helps you

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Does that mean only 2 years was deducted from your employment or there was no deduction for your employment?

Hi Christy,
Indeed there was deduction of 4 years …There was 4 years deduction from my overall experience coz I m from Electronics background and my overall experience is 10 years …and If you are from computer science graduate there will be deduction of 2 years I believe …

Thanks @yughan_raghav, it helps.