ACS Assessment with/without ICT degree

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and I hope someone can help me with my query. I have finished preparing all my documents and wanting to apply for ACS assessment under Systems Analyst

Here’s my background -

  • Diploma - non ICT did in 2005
  • Job experience (International) - 2004 to 2017 (10+years)
  • Bachelors - non ICT did in 2014
  • Australian Masters ICT degree - 2019
  • Post-masters, Full-time Australian work experience as System Analyst - 1 year +

Since my education is from a non ICT background, I have prepared a RPL so that I can get my points for international work experience.

My understanding is that since I have an Australian ICT degree and work experience, I qualify for a positive skills assessment.

My question is - while submitting ACS, should I give my Masters degree? If yes, then is there a chance that ACS will not consider my RPL or prior experience and I lose all international work experience points?

If I do not submit my Masters degree and ACS also rejects my RPL - then I know that I will get a negative skills assessment straightaway.

I am confused if I should show my Masters degree and risk losing all points for international work experience (but in a way guarantee a positive assessment). Or is my understanding wrong here?

Thank you for reading and all your help. Really appreciate it.

There is no guaranteed way.

You can try submitting all your education. Its your choice.