ACS - Claiming work experience points after job change


Hello Sir,

I need your guidance in below case.

I have done the ACS skill assessment for job code 261313 ( software engineer) in March 2020 for my work experience (outside Australia) from January 2016 to June 2020. (4.5 years assessed) Result is positive but I am getting 0 points considering 2 years deduction.

In July 2020, I changed the employer but working in same occupation (same roles and responsibilities).

Now in January 2021, I will be completing 5 years.

To claim 5 points for 3 years work experience after 2 years of deduction…

Do I have to again do the skill assessment to consider new employer work experience?
Can I directly say “YES” to question “Is this employment relevant to nominated occupation” in EOI application for this new employer and claim work experience points in January 2021?

Note: I have all the documents for new employer ( offer letter, salty slip, work experience letter, bank statement etc.)

Thank you.

I suggest to get new ACS assessment.

Hi Anil,

I have my bachelors in IT and the ACS evaluation has considered as “bachelors with a Major in Computing”. my relevant ANZ code is 262113 and I have over 11 years of experience. However ACS has deducted 4 years. Can you please suggest what can be done here as my education and experience are in the same field.

Dates: 11/09 - 06/12 - 2 year(s) 7 month(s)
Posi�on: Systems Engineer
Employer: Tata Consultancy Services
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 07/12 - 04/15 - 2 year(s) 9 month(s)
Posi�on: Senior Engineer
Employer: Volvo
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 07/15 - 04/16 - 0 year(s) 10 month(s)
Posi�on: Senior SAP Consultant
Employer: Volga Systems
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 05/16 - 02/18 - 1 year(s) 9 month(s)
Posi�on: Senior Consultant ERP SAP
Employer: Cognizant Technology Solu�ons
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 02/18 - 11/20 - 2 year(s) 9 month(s)
Posi�on: Senior So�ware Developer
Employer: Mastech Digital
Country: Outside Of Australia

I suggest to read this: