ACS Employment experience letter - Different Role within the same company

First of all, thanks for taking the time out to read my query.

I was employed by previous organisation for 8 years and during this tenure I have multiple role changes. I’ve few questions regarding how my experience letter should be put together.

I worked for a software firm (Cognizant) for 8 years. I joined the company as fresher from college. I’ve been the roles of a developer, team lead and project lead and the designations have been programmer analyst, associate and senior associate.

  1. Can I combine all the roles and duties that I’ve executed, across my different roles, into a single section or do I’ve to break it up into separate sections for each of the roles that I’ve had?
    i.e. Should have to separate out the duties as developer, team lead and project lead or have it all under a single section and just mention the last role that I held with the company - Project Lead.

  2. If we are supposed to describe the duties separately for each of the roles that we have been in the same company, then should we be describing it according to the role or the designation within the company.
    i.e. Should I be mentioning developer, team lead and project lead or programmer analyst, associate and senior associate

  3. I’m yet to request for the experience letter. Do companies generally issue experience letters with roles that we define (i.e. in my case developer, team lead and project lead) or they strictly adhere to the designation that has been defined within the company (programmer analyst, associate and senior associate)

Any advise would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Company will most probably just mention your most recent role and responsibilities. They won’t segregate them into different roles.

It is okay if you write everything under just one role for ACS assessment.

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hi @Anil.Gupta

One of my employer has given reference letter along with different positions held by me during the employment.
The ACS has mentioned only the last held designation in the result letter. I have filled the same in the EOI.

Now I have got the invite and need to provide employment history in application as well as Form 16. Should I keep it in sync with my ACS result letter and EOI? Or should I keep it as per my reference letter?


Keep it same as your employment letter.