ACS for 221112 management accountant ANZSCO code


I have 7 years Chartered account experience in India and job code 221112 matches my job roles.
But I am not able to find ACS for the my job code in . how should I file EOI without ACS ?


Hi @mohan84

ACS assessment agency only assesses computer related job codes.

You have to find the assessment agency for your accountant job code 221112 which is CAANZ or CPAA or IPA.

Thanks. Found ACS in CPAA and I am collecting the documents
My wife is software developer with 4 yrs experience and her job roles matches ANZSCO codes 261112 .if she gets positive ACS then as per new rules can I get 5 points for positive spouse ACS . i.e are my ANZSCO code 221112 and 261112 are both part of ANZSCO .

Hi @mohan84

You are confused at this time. It is better you read the rules and understand them clearly to make your moves.

Both primary and spouse ANZSCO code should be in same occupation list to be eligible for spouse points. The lists are medium term, short term and regional.