ACS for Australian experience - Worked in India and then Moved to Australia

Hi All,
I have done my ACS in July 2018 from India which doesn’t contain Australian experience. I moved to Australia in January 2019 and by the end of Dec 2019, I will complete 1 year in Australia. Do i need to do ACS again to claim 5 points for Australian experience. If yes, What documents i need to submit?
Please suggest.


Hi @Dundappa_Hulkund

You will need to apply for ACS assessment again and would need to submit your work experience letter from Australian employer clearing showing that you worked in Australia.

Thanks Anil for your suggestion.

Hi Anil,
For ACS assessment in my case to claim Australian experience, Do i need get signature from JP for documents to be submitted to ACS?
Documents i am planning to submit - Payslips, work experience, bank statement, Statutory declaration document, PayG document

JP notary is not required but there is no harm is getting it if you can.