ACS general meeting - denied from Federal Court Judgment

Thanks for your swift reply Anil. I am giving my PTE exam again to score 20points in turn to increase my over all points to 90.

Also, I have another query about ACS. I have recieved a mail stating that ACS general meeting which was held on 25th Oct 2019 is denied from Federal Court Judgment & ACS transition to a Company Limited by Guarantee.

I have passed my ACS skillset step on Nov 26th. So, does that judgement effect my ACS application in anyway?

Hi, This is Unnecessary worry. The Mail , you supposed to be received was common Notification.

We are in the same Position like you, with 80 points and still keep on fighting to crack the 79+ in PTE. 5 Attempts were gone, still fighting to get it out. Please share your ideas

Thanks Rajaram for your reply.
I am preparing for PTE from PTE tutorials mobile app. It has a good collection and mix of questions with different accents in Listening and Speaking modules.

I agree with @rajaram

That’s a general notification email and does not affect your ACS assessment.