ACS migration skills assessment - employment reference by client instead of agency


I am requesting for advice regarding ACS skills assessment requirement which is employment reference letter.

I was employed by an agency (for 6 mos) and the client that I was deployed to directly hired me (for 1.5 yrs) after my agency contract was done.

Currently, I can no longer contact this agency (HR/Helpdesk not responding to emails, calls not being answered, no employees in the office) to request for an employment reference letter, although they still seem to be operational.

My question is, since the client had supervised my actual work and they will be providing an employment reference letter (since i was directly hired by them for 1.5 yrs) after all, can they include in the same employment reference letter my work duration and R&R for the agency (6 mos) so that my experience will still sum up to 2 years?

I managed to keep the payment evidence provided by the agency, so I hope this will suffice as proof of employment.


Your employer who paid you salary needs to write the reference letter and not clients.

In some rare cases, ACS does allow you to use client letters but then they also ask for the proof that your employer cannot issue such letter.

Hi Anil,

I truly appreciate your response.

My problem here is that anyone from the agency is not responding and there is no one in the office to assist. Any advice on how I can justify this situation for ACS’ consideration?

Also, just in case I find out that the company already shut down, may I provide the following instead?

  1. Statutory declaration from former supervisor
  2. Payslip provided by company
  3. Tax document
  4. Bank statement

Your only option is to provide as many proofs as possible in case the company is not responding.

ACS usually understands the situation and then take it case by case. All the best.

Hi Anil,

This is very helpful. :blush:
Thanks for all your inputs. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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