Acs not to deduct work experience if degree from same stream

Hi Anil,

Is it true that acs not to deduct work experience if the degree is from same stream for ex engineering from college background and working in software engineer stream itself.


Hi @Amith_Naik

I have read the same news from Iscah.

They have basically reported that ACS will continue to deduct years of work experience but Australian immigration officer may count the full work experience after education to give more points to the person.

I have not found any other source of this information and it has not been published on official DHA website either.

So, i am waiting to see how it turns out.

Hi Anil,

ISCAH has provided new info on the work ex points calculated by ACS. According to them DHA has changed its policy now.
Below is the link. Can you please confirm if this info is correct and the source of truth as I haven’t seen this update elsewhere.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Ronit

This was discussed on this page yesterday. Please read above.

Hi Anil,

Is there any Changes for Australia Work Experience points from 7th January 2020 happened?


Thanks Anil!!
Waiting to see any official update.


Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response on this. Would like to have clarity on what happens to the EOIs which have already been submitted with these exceptions? Do we need to update the EOIs with the revised dates?


I can say something only if there is an official update on Australia Immigration site.

I have not seen any official announcement yet.

The only thing we know is the iscah news link at this time.

If it is indeed true, then yes, an update to your EOI would be needed to claim all experience even if it has been deducted by ACS or other assessment agencies.

One more article supporting this discussion.

Hi, anyone have benefitted from this