ACS Payment Evidence- ITR

Hi Anil,

I need help to understand the below scenario for ACS payment evidence.

1). I have got the bank statement + Income Tax Return(ITR) as proof of income. So would like to know should ITR be accessed with Financial year or Assessment year.

2). Does Naati result also need JP/ Advocate attestation.


ITR should be matched with the year that it is for.

Notary is not required.

Thanks Anil. Please can you advise, is it mandatory to mention “Role” and “Designation” both in “Roles and responsibilities letter” getting on company letterhead.
Actually my employer has given letter in which he has put my “Designation (as CONSULTANT)” and my duties. But they have not added my “Role (as Software Engineer)”.

So, Is it fine to submit the company letter where they have just mentioned consultant or get an notarized letter from manager mentioning both role and designation.

Look forward to hear from you soon.

It should be fine as per my opinion.

Thanks Anil!! Appreciate you help.