ACS re-assessment (2nd time)

I recently applied for the ACS assessment under 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer as I’m working as a Systems Engineer. Yet ACS responded to me stating that my skills are closely related to System Administrator. After doing some research and getting some reference letters from people who received positive assessments, I found what was my mistake is and now I re-did my reference letters. My problem is will be submitting a different letter be a problem.
Changes I have made are as follows,

  1. My previous letter contains all very descriptive details of things I have done and all related to the technical side. I didn’t put any networking skills as I thought I’, more into the systems side, and for the new letter, I did include all the networking skills I have. I decided to summarise all of those responsibilities and put everything into one page. Will this change be a problem.

Thank you for your time.

It should not be a problem as long as you have got it on official employer letterhead.