ACS reassessment rejected previously accepted experience/degree

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I saw you have helped and advised many people in regards to ACS.
I first applied for ACS in 2018 for 263111 and my degree was assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing.
An year of experience in India was accepted and I was short of and year of experience.

After completing another year of job, I reapplied for ACS assessment. I continued the same assessment by adding new document i.e relevant documents for work experience for 2nd year.

However in my 2nd assessment, ACS did not accepted my bachelors degree (rejected due to lack of documents)
An year of experience (previously accepted) was rejected due to insufficient documents.

I provided coloured scans of payslips, offer letter, experience letter, PAYG (all JPd) and still my experience for 2nd year was rejected due to lack of documents.

Can you please advice me what to do?

My first assessment

My 2nd assessment

You can email ACS to ask for the document that they consider as missing.

Recently, they have started to reject applications if you used a co-worker letter without a valid explanation from Employer.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I’ll will be getting in contact with ACS. But how can they change their own decisions regarding university and job experience in reassessment? Initially they did accept my Indian experience and my degree but when I applied 2nd time to get more experience they rejected even the previously accepted uni degree and Indian experience.

How can they do that and how can I contest this?

My opinion is that they have rejected your application due to some missing document that they have now added to their list of mandatory documents list.

Are all your documents color scanned?

Was your work experience letter written on company letter head?

The Indian experience was on a legal stamp paper and rest all were on company letter head and all were coloured scans.

I thought ACS will keep their initial assessment as it is and would only need to give evidence of one more year of experience. I have attached both of my assessments and it’s really confusing why would ACS do this?

Hi @Gourav_Soni

You are not trying to understand the process.

Each new assessment is considered fresh application as per ACS rules.

What you are thinking is an incremental application which is not what ACS thinks.

Your Indian experience on stamp paper will be acceptable only if your also add an official letter from Employer claiming that they cannot provide experience letter.