ACS Review on the Outcome Letter - Additional Document submission

Hi Anil,

Happy New Year!

Could you please help me with an inquiry?
I got my ACS skill assessed under ANZCO 263111. I have 3 years of experience in Australia. The first one and a half year of experience was assessed positively, however, the last one and half year got a negative result due to “insufficient detail.” I contacted ACS for further details and their response is as below.

" The assessor has noted the following:

XXXXXX Ltd: We Require more, and more specific, details of the ICT focus and outcomes of your duties. In particular, the particular domain as well as the technologies and systems developed and implemented as a result of your duties.

If you would like to have additional documentation assessed you can lodge a Review application within 60 days of your result letter. Please refer to the ACS Review and Appeal Information for further information."

Could you please advise me what changes/additional documents that I could submit for reviewing the experience?

Also, I saw in one of your posts that, we have to go for a new application if I’m changing my experience letter. In that case, would they ask me to go for a review application in 60 days? ( as in the last paragraph of the response).

I’m looking forward to your kind advice, thank you.

Rinu Ann Baby

They have clearly mentioned that your work experience letter is vague.

You can submit a new letter with more concrete details about your work as they have given you that option.

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Thanks for the clarification Anil. I will work on it to get a new experience letter and will proceed with a review application.

Many thanks for the advice, have a great weekend!

Rinu Ann