ACS RPL Assessment - Various Positions

Hi I need an ACS Assessment for RPL as I have no degree but over 15 years experience.
My Work history is as follows:

Jan 2005 - Dec 2007 - IT Technician (263212 - ICT Support Engineer)
Jan 2007 - Dec 2009 - IT Help desk technician (263212 - ICT Support Engineer)
Jan 2009 - Dec 2014 - IT Desktop Technician ( 263212 - ICT Support Engineer)
Jan 2015 - Oct 2019 - IT Service Delivery Manager ( 135199 - IT Managers Nec)
Nov 2019 - Current - IT Site & Client Manager ( 135199 - IT Managers Nec)

my question is that I need to submit a skills assessment as I have no degree I need RPL ( i only have the normal A+ / N+) and CCNA (Not International) completed at a local college.

Which Anzco do i select? I have 10 years experience as an ICT Support engineer, and 5 years as a Manager, however the ANZCO 135199 - IT Managers Nec , is on two states lists, and I would like to target that profession.

I haven’t started completing my ACS Assessment forms yet, as I would like to be smart and align my responsibilities listed on the form with the nominated professions responsibilities. ( not lieng, just aligning the roles. ( as to be honest I probably did the Managers role for way longer prior to the promotion) as we had no Manager in our region / state.
( I recently went for interviews and 2 interviewers said my CV is all over as they couldn’t believe i did 3 peoples roles in 1 at my current firm.)

Any assistance will be gladly appreciated.


Only you can decide which code best aligns with your roles and responsibilities.


I have done BE in Electronics Instrumentation and control and working as a Business Analyst for past 11 Years.

Please confirm:

  1. If I need to fill RPL with ACS or not
  2. How much Experience will be deducted.

Would really appreciate some guidance here.

RPL is required if your education and work experience do not match at all.