ACS RPL documents - Bank Statements query

Hi All

Not sure if any of you had a request to submit bank statements for nearly 11 years to support an RPL assessment !

I have applied for spouse skill assessment for 261112 to claim the additional 5 points.

Submitted attested experience documents from the employer, reference letters, education (Bachelor of Commerce).

Rightly so, ACS have proposed the RPL route with the below conditions.

Action 1 and Action 2 are not an issue.

Action 3 is concerning for the below reasons :

Firstly, the bank (HSBC) does not have statements prior to April 2011 due to their retention policies.
Secondly, the amount of pages is extreme. over 400 pages if they all need to be certified. (This might cost upwards of 2000£ at the least)

Has anyone been through this situation ? What was the outcome ?

I did ask ACS to reconsider their stand for the sheer amount of paper and monetary impact involved.


Your qualifications have been assessed as not meeting the ACS educational requirements for this application type.

We would like to provide you the opportunity to change your application type to a Recognition of Prior Learning application (RPL) .

To proceed with a RPL application, please complete the following actions:

Action No: 1 - Please submit an additional payment of $200.00 AUD

Action No: 2 - Please complete an ACS Project Report Form

Please attach your completed ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form in PDF file format to this email.

Action No. 3 - for the above to be successful please also provide:

Certified Bank statements covering the period of your uploaded experience episodes

Hi @v.chow

I suggest to get the bank statements unless ACS gives you the waiver.

Hello Vivek,

I did an RPL for my spouse as well but I don’t remember we submitted any bank statements. It was purely the project work that she had done relevant to the profile.

ACS have responded they will only need the page with the salary credit certified.

Very considerate of them, but still. It is very excessive, I feel. Even after submitting certified copies of experience letter (on letterheads) from employers.

Thanks for your responses

Hi @v.chow

I agree. bank statements are too much. I guess they have suspicion on the employer’s letter legitimacy and hence are asking for bank statements.