ACS: Should 4 work experience letters be merged in one PDF?

Hi Anil,

While uploading documents for ACS, all experience documents should be merged in to One PDF and upload ? like wise for Education qualification aswell?.

Please suggest.

I have experience letters from 4 companies, should this to be merged in one PDF?
All Education qualification from +2 till degree should be merged in to one PDF?


Hi @perthsunil
A separate PDF file should be created for each qualification type and for each Employment reference .

More information about how to name the PDF files:

Please can someone provide details how to organize the pdf for uploading on ACS. I understand from explanation in Article that one pdf for employment evidence should include the reference letter along with payment evidences. How do you actually organize all the different documents for payment evidence.

For example will you first keep all form 16 in sequence for all years and then ITRs for all year and then followed by all the bank statements OR do you try to organize every year wise each of these. I have documents from 2006 and in some years I have particular documents and other years I have another set of two payment evidence and then bank statements are covering many years together. Please provide a detailed guidance. Thanks alot!

Also another question is for Indian government tax records - should we use Itimation 143 document alone? Or any other ITR with Acknowledgement or 26 AS should be attached?