ACS skill assessment for BSC NON IT (Maths, Electronics, Physics)

Hi Experts,

  1. I did Bachelors of Science in Maths, Electronics and Physics (3 year full time study in INDIA) and have overall 11.4 years IT experience (ANZSCO - Developer programmer -261312). In which category would my degree be considered (like ICT major or Minor or Non ICT) and how many points can I expect to be claim?

So I am looking to understand how many points I can claim for my degree and points for experience ? (I would need 25 for degree and at least 10 for work experience to apply 491 family sponsor, so not sure if I am realistic here and hence need your expertise.

  1. After my graduation I worked for a company for 1.5 years and later I traveled abroad to pursue diploma in IT related course, after 3.5 years I returned back to my home country and joined the old company. Later the college is closed due to some reason.

So my question is though my diploma is in IT but the college is no more recognized, so I cannot use or declare it, so this should be ok right ? Should I disclose this in ACS or I can simply put as GAP in my CV?

  1. Also since I got gap in my experience within the same company, can I use one reference letter from the Manager?

Appreciate your early response!!!

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I suggest to read this:

I suggest to show all education irrespective of college closure.

Also, show the gap in Employment too. Hiding facts is considered a ‘bad moral’ character in Australia and has serious consequences.