ACS skill assessment negative result - insufficient documentation

Update 2: I have received the positive ACS result. Submitted the review application with all payslips and all bank statements and ITR on 13th Dec. Got the review result on 10th Jan 2020


Congratulations @nbagri

Thanks for sharing your result.


I also got negative assessment. Could you please tell me if you had done Notary for bank statements and ITR?

No notary just color copy

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Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer
You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology
experience of four (4) years in a field closely related to your nominated skilled occupation.
Your qualification has been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Engineering from XXXX University completed June
2012 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing.

Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least 20hrs

per week:

Dates: 09/13 - 05/18 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)

Position: software Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation

Employer: XXXX Ltd

Country: Outside Of Australia

This is the result I got , I am not able to understand if I am not able to apply for the nominated ANZSCO code or my document is missing. NOTE i have not submitted my Salary slips .

Hi @abhinavprabhakar007

ACS has given negative report and you cannot use to claim work experience points.

Salary slips are required to prove your work experience.

Hi - Can you please share the reason which ACS has stated for negative assesment in first place? What extra you did in your review submission?

Hi All,

Even i received my ACS today and for one its positive and one its negative and I have submitted all documents ,still its saying insufficient documents. What i suppose to do next ?

Hi Anil.Gupta ,

Need your help here. I submitted by ACS on 21st Dec 2019 and got the negative results today both for Education and Employment. I submitted payslips, Marksheets and Degree, Statutory Declaration from peer at work, CV and Passport. Only thing I think which could have caused issues is that some of my document were scanned as black and white. Can this small issue leads to rejection altogether. They didn’t even gave a chance to provide any document and straightly rejected it. What should be the next step? Can I mail them attaching color copies of documents and ask them to reconsider? Filing a review is going to cost much and I was hoping if any issue, they would come back for clarification. Below are my ACS results. Pls suggest.
Reason given for employment is : Not Assessable due to Insufficient Documentation

Reason for Education Degree:
Your Bachelor of technology in Computer Engineering could not be assessed due to lack of information/documentation and therefore it doesn’t meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in policy manual.

Please help in this regard.

Hi @Amrita_Das

Did you submit your employment payment evidence? Bank statement and salary slips are required for ACS assessment now.

Hi @guneetsaini
It is possible that ACS rejected it due to black and white scans. They have clearly mentioned that they won’t be accepted.
You have to file for review and send color copies and any other missing documents that you think may have caused rejection.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

i applied for ACS in Nov’19. I got negative response for experience saying that “Not assessable due to insufficient documentation”. Below are the docs I have submitted for my work experience.

  1. Payslips (first and last 3 months)
  2. bank statements (first and last 3months)
  3. statutory declaration from my supervisor as we don’t get employment letter from employer.

We wrote back to ACS asking for a detailed reason of why it is rejected. The reply we got is as below.

“An explanation will be required from your employer on official company letterhead as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided”.

Our employer as confirmed that they won’t be issued any official letter for personal purpose.

Is there any alternative solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @RadhaDanda

I don’t think there is any other option.

Employer should provide either the roles and responsibilities letter or an explanation that they cannot provide it.

Hi Anil,

I applied for ACS skill assessment and got positive assessment for 7 years 9 months from 2006 to 2013 December for 261313. For 6 years of current employment they rejected saying insufficient documentation. I think the reason is they are looking for a letter from company saying they cannot give reference letter, since I gave the affidavit from colleague. Which my company will not provide.
In this case will I be able to get points for 7+years of experience or I can get points only for experience since 2010 which is 3+years ?
With this if I get 85 points, can I apply for 491 to SA? And what is the chance of getting a sponsorship?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @SouKar

You will be able to claim points only for the portion of your work experience that falls the ‘after’ date given in ACS report.

Hi nbagri,

I am planning to submit my review Application this week , My previous result was negative because of insufficient documentation. I have 9+ years of experience in IT.
I have changed company recently 6 months ago. I have payslips from 2018 Jan to till date and i do not have previous year payslips. Is it mandatory to provide payslips from 2010 to till date (atleast one payslip per year)?

I have previous company service letter is that sufficient with 2 year payslips evidence from that company? I have from-16 from 2016 onwards. I have bank statements as well.

Please provide information ,how you submitted payment reference for your case?

Same happen to me as well , i too got same result. Black&white scan no longer accepted. You can ask your case officer for the negative output reason through mail.If any documents missing they will inform clearly. Better to mail ACS before you go for review.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta.

Seems like I have to switch job, so that I can get the experience letter from the current employer :slight_smile:

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Hi, Can you please tell how you provided the statements , i got two statements from my bank(ICICI):

  1. For 1st company : Bank Statement from start date to end date and then got stamp on it (will it work without stamp as well, I mean soft copy sent by Bank)
  2. For Current Company : I got the statement from joining date to 15th Dec 2019 (again will soft copy work or do i need to get stamp on every page and then scanned copies of the same)
    Please help, also let me know if i need to change start and end date