ACS skill assessment negative result

Hi Trupti, what did you do? I got a negative assessment.

Please suggest what to do next.

hey did you get any info regarding that?

Hi Trupti,

Have you got any response from ACS regarding your query? please share your experience here would be helpful for others! Even my husband is facing the same issue, we had sent out an email to ACS support team still awaiting for their response.


Did you sent any email to ACS with your questions? if not please send an email immediately asking them to clarify why and what are the additional documents required further to review the application.

As Anil mentioned, they are asking for two financial documents. They also asked me to re-read the latest updated application guideline document and follow the instructions.

I still had couple of questions:

  1. How many salary slips need to be produced? If a person has served a company for 6 years then producing 6 years of salary slips is not practical. ACS didn’t clearly respond to this question.
  2. Whether the salary slips need to be certified or notarised?
    As the per the latest update in the application guideline, there is no mention of certification or notarisation of any documents. So, I’m thinking the documents need not be notarised.

FYI, I’m still in the process of collecting the financial documents for my employments. Once I get them I would apply for review( again going to cost me around 300 bucks)

Anil, it will be helpful if you could update the blog with the latest information by connecting with someone whose assessment is positive with ACS in the recent days. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, We didn’t receive any update from ACS team.

Its a good idea to create a blog with latest instructions. hope for the best.


Hi Anil,

We have received an email clarification from ACS, they suggested us to go for review with additional required documents. we would request you to please create a blog and create an awareness to the people whoever is going for re-assessment.

The below is the response from ACS:

"All the documentation must meet our requirements as per the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants otherwise cannot be assessed even if you had a previous suitable assessment"


Hi @trupti_savant

You have to share 1 payslip from start and 1 payslip for end of each year of work experience.

Example: For each year of your work from Jan 2018 to Dec 2019, you can share these payslips:

  1. Jan 2018
  2. Dec 2018
  3. Jan 2019
  4. Dec 2019

You also need to provide a second financial proof too which can be the bank statement for the same month that you are providing payslip for.

Hey Anil,

As per the ACS guidelines, the bank statement we are providing must have an entry for salary in the below format: ……
However, some of my salary entries do not adhere to the above said format. It just has an entry like “Salary . Do you know if ACS has accepted such bank statements for positive assessments?

What other documents except salary slips, w2 or form16 or bank statements are considered as valid financial documents?

If the amount on your salary slip and the bank statement matches, then it should be acceptable by ACS.

The other financial document could be insurance paid by employer or provident fund statement.

I have applied for review on 16th Dec and will let you know about the output.

update, one of the person who faced this issue, submitted a review file and he got the positive feedback. He also got the same issue to add additional documents for the evidence.
He submitted review on 18th Dec and got the result on 6th Jan on priority basis.


Update 2: I have received the positive ACS result. Submitted the review application with all payslips and all bank statements and ITR on 13th Dec. Got the review result on 10th Jan 2020


Congratulations @nbagri

Thanks for sharing your result.


I also got negative assessment. Could you please tell me if you had done Notary for bank statements and ITR?

No notary just color copy

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Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer
You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology
experience of four (4) years in a field closely related to your nominated skilled occupation.
Your qualification has been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Engineering from XXXX University completed June
2012 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing.

Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least 20hrs

per week:

Dates: 09/13 - 05/18 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)

Position: software Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation

Employer: XXXX Ltd

Country: Outside Of Australia

This is the result I got , I am not able to understand if I am not able to apply for the nominated ANZSCO code or my document is missing. NOTE i have not submitted my Salary slips .

Hi @abhinavprabhakar007

ACS has given negative report and you cannot use to claim work experience points.

Salary slips are required to prove your work experience.

Hi - Can you please share the reason which ACS has stated for negative assesment in first place? What extra you did in your review submission?