ACS Skill Assessment Question on Active Current Employment Exp. Letter


I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Sorry if I overshoot anything anywhere.

I am planning to apply for ACS skill assessment in coming days, as part of the Australia PR process but my current active company HR (am onsite deputed in USA and not in India) says that they cannot give such experience letters for personal purpose of PR/future studies. They can give such letters only for my US visa petition related tasks only (as they gave me such letter last year) but not for personal purpose of PR thing. What should I do in this case? Just get the experience letter in a plain paper and get it signed by my onsite manager/onsite lead and notary it? I am based out of Dallas, TX.


You can get a letter from your manager if they are ready to issue it.

You can also get the same letter from HR if they issue it for US purposes. You can use it for ACS assessment and i don’t see any issue as long as it mentions the job details.