ACS skill assessment


I have been assessed under the ANZSCO code 263111 in 2013 and I received a positive outcome. This application was submitted through a consultant and he had sent me the Application reference No and the password to check the status online. Recently I tried to see whether I can see the application status using the given details, but an option to check the status using the reference no and the password is no longer available in the ACS web site. It asks me to login by using my email address and a password which I haven’t signed up for. So the consultant may have used his own account to submit my application hence I don’t have access for that login. In my mailbox, I found the final positive outcome (pdf document) that my consultant has sent me. Also currently I don’t have any contact with that consultant too.

  1. Since the above assessment is expired, will I have to resubmit everything (qualifications, experiences which have already been verified and assessed by the ACS as per the guidelines applicable in 2013) as per the latest guidelines ? (For instance, those days payment evidences were not required to prove the employment) ?

  1. If I resubmit a new application under a new account, will they track my past assessment submitted under a different account and could it cause any problem ?

  2. Is there anyway create a new account obtain my historic applications into the same account ?

  3. What is the best way for me to proceed ?

You need to submit the documents as per current guidelines.

The old account can be unlocked by contacting ACS.