ACS Skills Assessment Unsuitable

Hi There,

I recently applied for my ACS Skills Assessment for code 261112 (Systems Analyst).

Here is my background story.

Completed masters in australia and completed 1 year experience in australia. So applying for my skills assessment based on that. I have been working with a company here on title of “Production support analyst”. Now with this title, my duties do include support role however there are 0 systems analyst in the company so I do more than 70% of duties as systems analyst my role. The Roles and responsibilities document I submitted has plenty of systems analyst duties which matched with ANZSCO code requirements as well.

But still, I got Unsuitable assessment because they said My experience is not closely related to nominated occupation skill.

They assessed my degree AQD masters degree.

What should be my next step?
Can I provide another RnR from my company that clearly states that my major duties are of systems analyst?
Does my title have any impact on my assessment?
Do I have to follow any format for RnR statement?

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

You can fix the issues with your current roles and responsibilities letter to focus more on duties which match with ANZSCO code and then re-apply.

Hi Anil,

Thank you for your response.

I did something like that and prepared my RnR paper based on the ANZSCO description. I was pretty sure that it was 65% minimum match with the requirements.

Does my job title affect the outcome? My job title is “Product support analyst”.

As in my company we do not have anyone with “system analyst” title, I as a product support analyst perform major tasks of systems analyst and also perform minor support role.

Do you think any agent can be more helpful in this situation?

Do you think providing a clear later from the manager of my company which states my major RnR are of systems analyst will help?

Any specific format that I have to follow?