ACS - will my experience considerable while doing Masters


I will try to keep it short and straight. Hope my topic is not listed already in this forum. if it exists apologies for posting it again and please point me to existing topic.

My questions are related ACS evaluations. Here is my background.

BSc(Maths, Physics, Chemistry) - 2006- Apr 2009
MCA - 2009-12

Work Experience:
Apr 2010 - till date IT experience with no gaps in multiple organisations.


  1. is my Bachelor’s ICT major or minor? if not both what would be the impact?
  2. is there a chance that ACS consider my Bachelor’s relevant to IT work experience?
  3. if yes to #Q2, I assume ACS will assess work experience as 8 years, is that correct?
  4. if no to #Q2, there would deduction of 2years from Masters? or 4years from Bachelor’s?

Thanks in advance, your responses will be much appreciated.

The only way to know is to file an ACS assessment.

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