Add our actual experience or provided by the skill assessment organizations in EOI

Hi Anil,

Firstly thank you for providing valuable inputs on Australian PR process. Your posts are really helpful.

I have a query too. My wife and I got our skill assessed from ACS & Vetassess respectively. While my wife was assessed on the job code ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211), I was assessed on the job code ICT Account Manager (225211). Both of us have been working since 2009, however, the assessment agencies provided us with less experience certificates.

For my wife, ACS has mentioned that the bachelor degree is not closely related to the nominated occupation and hence deducted 4 years. She is a Bachelor of Engineering graduate in Instrumentation Technology.

For me, Vetassess have only provided 4 years, since I did not start my career as an Account Manager. In both these scenarios, while submitting our application for EOI, do we add our actual experience (in this case, 10 years) or the experience provided by the skill assessment organizations. The experience tenure provided by the skill assessment organizations undermines our years of experience and results in less points. Please provide your suggestions in this case.

For an additional 5 points in Spouse category, you have mentioned that spouse job occupation list should be in the same occupation list as primary applicant. In our scenario, does that hold good? Please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


You should enter only the experience marked as relevant by assessment agency to claim points. If you claim more, you cannot prove it as assessment does not count it as ‘relevant’.

There is a link given above to check occupation list in spouse section. Please use it.

Or you can check spouse points using the calculator given above. It also shows you the occupation lists.