Adding home address or a different workplace outside MSA in H1B amendment


I recently have my H1B amendment approved to relocate to a different state with the same company. Now I hesitate to relocate because afraid of traveling at this time. The attorney suggests filing a new amendment, adding my current home or current office as a second workplace.

I just read this super helpful post H1B can work from home, new LCA, amendment required, which addresses the exact problem I am facing now. But when I look at Form I-129, it only allows one workplace to be filled in. Some posts say including an itinerary in the petition to list out the time and address for multiple third-party workplaces. Is it how the attorneys file H1B amendment with multiple workplaces? Does anyone have similar experience? Does it apply to both third-party and the same company? If so, which LCA should be used?
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You can list more than one work locations in ‘secondary’ work location address.

But, if your other work location is outside the state, normally, the employer will only use your home location as the primary H1B location.

Talk to your employer and they will be able to guide better as to which one they want to use.

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