Additional documents requirement

I have applied for passport renewal in US, today I got email from VFS asking for resend of my application form of government. I don’t know this would happen as I had already attached it. Please see three things they have asked from me and let me know what needs to be done. Thanks

  1. Additional documents : Govt. Application form - Reprint the Govt application form from, check for completeness.Try in a different browser. Verify the details are printed.Sign the first and last page and resend to VFS Global.
  3. Additional Particulars Form : Please mail all required documents to VFS GLOBAL - “MATCH UPS” 145 W 45th St 3RD floor, New York, NY 10036

Sometimes, while taking print, I have seen the filled in details coming as blank. That might have happened. Here’s what you can do for this:

  1. Print you form to PDF in portrait layout.
  2. Go through all details to check if you have missed filling in anything or there’s printing error which led to blank data although you filled. (Take help of someone else to go through).
  3. If everything is okie, take a print from that PDF and sign at first and last page.

2nd Point is more like remarks and not requirement. It would have been applicable for other documents, if asked for.

3rd point: Additional Particulars Form is used to be for Visa. That might have been mentioned in error (unless someone else on this forum got same request).

While you take care of Govt. Form, raise a query with VFS, as you have got 7 days to send the document.

All the best!

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