Ads on this site make it impossible to use it on Mobile phones

I’m a new user on the forum and was trying to post a reply using my mobile phone. It was next to impossible to post a reply without dismissing the ad about 10 times. I tried clicking on ads so it would go away, but the page just hung. Just wanted to bring this to the forum’s attention as it definitely hinders usage on the go.

Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely remove the blocking ads.

Are you talking about the ads that show up at the bottom of the page?

Ads affecting the typing have been removed. Please refresh and let us know your experience.

We appreciate your feedback and take action quickly. User experience is more important for us.

Yes, I was talking about the ads that showed up at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for fixing the issue so quickly. This response is from my mobile device and I don’t face the issue anymore.

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