Adult Indian Passport Renewal Experience | New York | Jan 2022 | Changes in Place of Birth & Mother's Name

This was my second renewal in US with US address printed on the passport.

Following changes requested in passport renewal application:

  1. Spelling correction for Place of Birth (Provided birth certificate and self-sworn affidavit)
  2. Spelling correction for Mother’s Name (Provided mother’s passport and Aadhar card copies, and self-sworn affidavit)
  3. Change of US address printed on the passport (provided DL as address proof)

Tracking the application status:

Date Status in VFS Tracking
1/14 - Passport application dropped at fedex
1/17 - Passport received ack from VFS
1/19 - Passport sent to NY Embassy
1/20 - Passport received by embassy and under review

After this no updates on the VFS tracking website.

But the passport portal “Track Status” was being updated regularly

Date Status in Passport Portal tracking
2/2 - 1. Print initiated for the passport
2. Late in the night, received email regarding initiation of police verification
2/3 - Passport has been printed
2/4 - 1. Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.
2. Received email notification of fedex shipping. Shows shipping date 2/4 and delivery date 2/7
2/7 - 1. Police station called my mom (I gave her contact details in the passport application form). She submitted the documents with the local police station. They needed passport size photo, utility bill of my India address (parent’s house) and copies of the passport.
2. New Passport received

Hope this helps!!

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