After PERM approval: how long to wait for labor certificate from DOL?

Dear fellows,

I’m currently waiting for my PERM approval expected to come in November. As I understand the approval date estimates on this website do not actually represent the date to receive the (physical) labor certificate from DOL to be used when filing I-140.

My question: how long does it usually take to receive the labor certificate from DOL after the approval date? Am I also right in assuming that filing I-140 does require the physical labor certificate and that there’s no way to just refer to the approved case + amending the physical certificate later on? I know there’s a checkbox option on the I-140 to request USCIS to get a labor certificate copy from DOL but that option doesn’t exist when concurrently filing with I-485 (something I need to do).

I’m in a very time critical position right now and filing I-140 must be done asap once DOL approves.

P.S.: some research brought me here: OFLC Will Permanently Issue Electronic PERM Labor Certifications | NAFSA. According to this article DOL now sending out labor certificates digitally via email. Anyone can confirm?

Thanks for your responses