Air India Flight to USA - Coronavirus - Questions & Answers

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This is a loot. If Indian Govt allow all the airlines to do the ferry it would be better priced. It is unfair for making the people pay just because they are operating only Air India.

I disagree, we need to think as government operated project

Is this also for spouse as well with legal 1 year+ status?

My wife is stuck in India and she is on H-4😑
Please suggest if there is a way for her to come to US.

H4 visa holders are also eligible to apply as long as they have 1 year visa validity as per the official rules published by Ministry of India.

I agree this is a loot.

Gov operated project should be even cheaper! Isn’t it?

Means regular flight btwn india to USA will not start soon in another 2 months?

I think govt should be involved in making the policies rather than making sure that only one Air India flies
The prices will sky-rocket as their is supply and demand imbalance

If it was a government project they would have wanted their citizens to come back safe n sound anyhow… not put a price tag on it
Or maybe it was government driven.

Considering that its common consensus that their service quality, punctuality and reliability are way below average than all their private-sector competitors, why do people still choose to fly with them ? Its not that their tickets are cheaper either, and most of their major routes are also flown by private sector airlines.

Heard in some news online that there has been some talk of deportation for people who are coming into USA details in the link below

Since there is an place travel ban is it applicable to flights from India. My wife is on H4 visa and valid for more than 1 year, Her i-94 had expired and she had traveled to India in Feb and was scheduled to be back in April, but now is stuck there. When i checked the flights it says its unavailable. Also the flights are only from Delhi and Mumbai, no feeder flights from southern states.Does anyone know of cases where people with dependent visas have come back to USA using these flights as i saw there is a deportation form that also needs to be filled. Please share Thanks

That news was probably fake news. I have not heard about any such travel ban for Indians.

Thanks Anil. So will try my luck on these flights as currently it is all unavailable. Hope Indian Govt starts more of these flights