Any issues if we book dropbox appointment in a different consulate than the one issued my previous visa?

I recently travelled to India after scheduling a dropbox appointment in Mumbai Consulate for my H1B extension (along with H4) I am exempt from the travel ban as I have US born kids. All my previous stampings were done at Chennai Consulate and I entered Chennai while filling up the DS 160 attached to the current Interview confirmation. I’ve couple of questions

  1. Any issues if we book dropbox appointment in a different consulate than the one issued my previous visa?
  2. Do I need to submit a new DS160 with Mumbai consulate as my option and use update profile option to update the DS160 number(not sure if it’s possible but the field is editable)

Thanks in advance

H1+H4 Dropbox experience (Mumbai consulate - USC kid category - First stamping after change of employer)

July 27th - Travelled alone to Mumbai and stayed at Trident conveniently located to US embassy/VFS location (walkable/Trident provides free pickup drop service if required).

If you carry laptop or any other luggage you can just drop it off at the front desk and collect it later once your appointment is over (even after checkout)

July 28th - Dropbox appointment at 1:30 PM. Reached early at 10:30 AM and allowed in 10:40 AM.

List of documents I carried inside are as follows

  1. Appointment confirmation page

  2. DS160 confirmation page for H1 and H4 (This one was filled for Chennai location and I DID NOT fill a new one for Mumbai)

  3. H1 and H4 applicants photos as per specification

  4. All old an new passports (H1 and H4)

  5. Primary and dependents latest I797

  6. Employment verification letter provided by my employer

  7. USC kids birth certificate and passport copies

  8. Cover letter explaining we are exempt from the ban

VFS employee returned dependent I797 and the cover letter (#8 above - she said no need to provide any cover letter as kids pp and bc more than enough)

July 29th - CEAC “No Status”

July 30th to August 4th- Application received and passports still with embassy

August 5th - H1 and H4 status changed to Refused

August 5th - H1 status changed to Administrative Processing in the afternoon and H4 still Refused

August 6th - H1 Changed to Issued and H4 still refused.

August 7th - Both passports status Picked up from the embassy and preparing for delivery (something along those lines)

August 9th - Collected both passports and ONLY H1 was stamped and no visa issued for H4. They attached a 221g document asking H4 to submit husbands whereabouts (H1B visa copy OR kids USC proof which I already submitted)

August 9th - Travelled to Bangalore overnight and submitted all requested documents at VFS Bangalore location

August 10th - H4 status changed to Administrative Processing

August 11th - Today morning H4 status changed to Issued :slight_smile: It’s very quick response from Mumbai consulate after 221g (resolved in just 2 days)